August 2014: Automatic Patterns Illustrator class is Live!

Patterns in Illustrator

We’ve got another free class posted on the site! Automatic Patterns was created to help pattern designers working in Illustrator versions pre-CS6 to design repeat patterns that automatically update as you work.

In older versions of Illustrator, before the new Pattern Editing Mode feature, the only way to make repeat patterns was to create art, drag it into the Swatches panel, and apply the new pattern fill swatch to a shape to test it out in full repeat. This back-and-forth process takes time to get used to and it can really hinder your creative flow.

In Automatic Patterns, Laura teaches a method for using Transform Effects and the Appearance Panel to create a pattern editing environment that allows you to move any element in your pattern and watch the field of pattern update instantly. It’s so much easier to fine-tune the spacing of motifs when you are able to look at the whole repeat, and this is why the CS6 Pattern Editing Mode feature was so highly anticipated.

Even if you are working in CS6 or CC, you might find some uses for Automatic Patterns. Some important Illustrator features are disabled in the new Pattern Editing Mode: there are no layers, background colors are tricky in certain repeat styles, and brushes and other live content must be expanded to work in PEM. The templates that come with Automatic Patterns have you working in normal Illustrator mode, so all of Illustrator’s functions are available to use. Your finished product can be a Pattern Fill Swatch or an image ready for upload to Spoonflower or your Etsy portfolio!

Free Illustrator Pattern Class

Automatic Patterns is now a FREE class, you’re welcome to subscribe, try it out, and see if it works for your needs. If you find the class, templates and artwork useful to you, we hope you’ll make a donation. Since May we have made 3 Illustrator classes available for free, along with our library of Webinars. Your donations give us the strength to carry on, and continue adding Laura’s former Renee Pearson classes to illustratoring. Let’s make it happen!