Global Color Swatch Shortcut

I love a good trick! Here's a global color swatch shortcut for Illustrator that will speed up your swatch creation process: command(control)-shift drag a color from the color … [Read more...]


What's not to love about a good vintage cookbook? I may never prepare cherries jubilee, but I'll pore over the playful illustrations of pots, pans, dancing chickens unaware of … [Read more...]

Google Life Magazine Archive

Read Life Magazine cover to cover online. The ads, photos and stories from all years are all there for the searching. It's pretty incredible. Some of the greatest photographers … [Read more...]

My Visit to Auburn University

Last week, I had the pleasure and honor of participating in a symposium at my alma mater Auburn University's College of Architecture, Design and Construction. The title was … [Read more...]

Surtex Preparations

In the month before Surtex, I readied myself by hanging up prints over every available wall surface at home where I could stand back and take a look. This made it a little hard to … [Read more...]