August 2013: Summer favorites

Too many lily pads to count on vacation in Pennsylvania. I hope you've been enjoying the summer! Here in Atlanta it's been hot (of course!) and unusually rainy. In this … [Read more...]

An Illustrator Diagonal Stripe Pattern Tutorial

My latest video tutorial demonstrates how to make an Illustrator diagonal stripe pattern that repeats on a grid. You'll learn to make a single repeat unit of diagonal stripes from … [Read more...]

My Illustrated Maps on Smashing Magazine

I'm excited to have an article published today about my map illustration process on Smashing Magazine! I think of this site whenever I need good web design information and … [Read more...]

June 2013: Illustrator Webinar Directory & NYC

Have you attended one of our student Illustrator webinars? I host them every month or so, and I gather topics to discuss and demonstrate from your questions. Now that we have a … [Read more...]

May 2013: Daily Twitter Tips

I'll be sending out a daily tip, tutorial or inspiration this month on twitter. Follow me on Twitter  or just visit the homepage of to see my most recent … [Read more...]

New Features Coming to Adobe Illustrator CC

Big changes were announced today at Adobe: We're reinventing our desktop apps to make your creative process seamless, intuitive, and more connected than ever. Our newest release … [Read more...]