Vector Art Resource: All Silhouettes

This FREE vector art resource is for silhouettes of people in action that can save time. My architect husband shared the website with me, it's one of his … [Read more...]

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

Right-click (or control-click) the link to download a handy one-page PDF of¬†Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts.¬†This is an essential set of shortcuts, rather than an encyclopedic list, … [Read more...]

Where Are My Illustrator Swatch Libraries?

When you save your swatches as Illustrator swatch libraries, you can retrieve them in the swatches panel library menu under User Defined. Illustrator stores your user swatch … [Read more...]

Resetting Illustrator Defaults

Illustrator default Preferences are saved in a file on your system that is launched when you start Illustrator. This is why every time you restart Illustrator, you'll see the … [Read more...]

How to Show User Library in Mountain Lion

Looking for how to show the user library in Mountain Lion and Lion? See the instructions below. I recently upgraded my Mac OSX from Snow Leopard and suddenly couldn't find the … [Read more...]

Illustrator CS6 : What’s New

Illustrator CS6 was released recently and I've been using it for my client work. As I work in my usual routine, I'm experiencing some of the small improvements that have been made … [Read more...]