Class: Illustrator 2

Illustrator intermediate class

Version: Adobe Illustrator CS3 through CC Length:  3, 1-hour+ modules of video lessons. Our subscribers get immediate, free access to videos, PDF guide and files. Cost: Pay What You Wish

This intermediate Illustrator class covers Gradients, Patterns, Live Trace (Image Trace), working between AI and PS and more. Includes PDF documentation and Exercise Files.

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Click the links to jump to the modules in our private class pages:

Module 1 – 10 Videos, 1 hour 40 mins. Learn all about Gradients and Transparency in Illustrator. The project for this module guides you through creating, applying and saving gradients and Graphic Styles. You’ll work with the Gradient Annotator, the Appearance Panel, Layers, and for CS6 and CC users, Lesson 10 covers Gradient Strokes.

intermediate illustrator class 1

Module 2 – 9 Videos, 1 hour 15 minutes. Learn the classic method for making pattern swatches in Illustrator, while learning to work with Multiple Artboards. For users in CS6 and CC, the classic pattern method is very helpful to know, but for instruction on the new Pattern Editing Mode, see my class Pattern Power.

intermediate illustrator class 2

Module 3 –  9 Videos, 1 hour 20 minutes. Learn how to work with images in Illustrator. Covers Live Trace (Image Trace), Masking, and Photoshop Vector Smart Objects.

intermediate Illustrator class

Purchase the fonts we use in Module 3 in the MyFonts Illustrator 2 Album

Is this class compatible with Illustrator CS6 and CC?

Yes! However, this class was recorded in CS5. Three features that are covered in Illustrator 2 have changed starting in versions CS6 and CC. Here’s a summary of the changes, and what this class offers in each module. All exercise files in this class are updated for CS6 and CC.

Module 1: The Gradient Strokes feature was added in CS6 and CC. Lesson 10 is a new lesson that fully demonstrates Gradient Strokes, so this module is up-to-date with CS6 and CC.

Module 2: Pattern creation was updated in Version CS6 and CC. This module teaches the old method of making patterns in Illustrator which is still useful in the newest versions of Illustrator. Knowing the old method opens more options for editing patterns in Illustrator. For instruction on how to use the new Pattern Editing Mode in Version CS6 and CC, see my class: Pattern Power.

Module 3 – This module was created using the Live Trace feature, available in Illustrator version CS5 and older. The videos have been updated to include settings for the new Image Trace feature, that replaced Live Trace, in version CS6 & CC.

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