February 2016: Hands On with the Pen Tool

March Pen Tool 1

My newest Illustrator class is live on TrainSimple.com!

I’m so excited about my latest course, because this is the class I wish I’d had when I was starting out as a freelance Illustrator, trying to learn the Pen Tool from a software manual!

Even with all the online training available these days, learning this essential vector drawing tool is still a challenge. That’s because we truly need practice and repetition to master the Pen Tool, and most online courses don’t offer structured practice. My new project-based class “Hands On with the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC”,  gives you an organized series of exercises that allow you to build your skills as you work on an engaging art project. Watch the introduction video for more information about the class.

Mach Pen Tool 2

hands on learning

The early exercises in the class are designed to get new Pen Tool users up and running, and to give those who are already working with the Pen Tool a fresh “reboot” and practice with the modifier keys, like shift and option/alt.

March Pen Tool 3

to sketch or not to sketch?

In this class we spend most of our time drawing from sketches. However, we also do a little free-form Pen Tool drawing because after all, a lot of us like to jump in and start drawing without a plan. Drawing decorative flourishes is another fun way to get some practice with the Pen Tool.

March Pen Tool 4

bringing it all together

We start by drawing the simple stuff, and end up with more complex drawings that teach you some of my favorite methods for building art in Illustrator. Every finished stage in the process becomes a part of a final Greek vase illustration. You can follow what I do, and test yourself by adding your own creative touches to this project.

Want to see more? Check out the course introduction video on TrainSimple.com. You’ll find my latest Illustrator titles there as well, like Designing Type with Graphic Styles, and Adobe Brush CC and Illustrator Art Brushes, along with many other great Adobe software classes by other teachers.


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