December 2016: holiday greetings!

The newsletter has been silent for a few months, but I’m still here and is chugging along and looking forward to 2017! I hope you all are well and enjoying the season.

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Snowflake Tips: Click to watch Laura’s snowflake tutorial on YouTube and learn all about making snowflakes with the Rotate Tool in Illustrator.

And to make your snowflake lines dotted like the image at the end of this newsletter:

In the Stroke panel: choose Dashed Line, and make the dash 0 points. Set the line weight to 4 points (or whatever size works for your artwork) then choose the rounded end cap. Now, your size zero dashes will be made up of only the end caps, and look like circles! Adjust the gap size to space the dots as you like, and finally click the “Align dashes to corners” button, so any corners will turn on a dot.


a 3D Illustrator tip

Last month I launched my first course with Pluralsight, a company that specializes in providing software training for businesses. If you happen to work with a company that provides Pluralsight training, you can hop over to this link: Laura’s Classes on Pluralsight, and check out the 9 classes I have in their library. Memberships to Pluralsight are not limited to just businesses, individuals can sign up for a $29.00 monthly subscription as well.

My first course is an advanced course about the 3D Effects feature in Illustrator, so I wanted to share one of the tips from the class, and this will be most helpful for those who have at least played around with Illustrator’s 3D Effects before:

Above is a diagram from the course, showing an extruded smiley face that I use to demonstrate the x, y and z axes you control with the Track Cube in the 3D Effects Panel.

Hint: you can apply a 3D effect to an object by selecting it, and in the Appearance Panel, click the fx button and choose 3D > Extrude and Bevel.

The blue face of the Track Cube corresponds to the smiley face on the object. You can spin an object on either the X, Y or Z axis by dragging the Track Cube.

When I’ve been away from 3D Effects for a while, I invariably have trouble remembering in which direction the X, Y and Z axes move. So, here’s my mnemonic device:

think of “X, Y, Z” as “yes, no, maybe”

Think of the X axis as running through your head from ear to ear. Nodding your head “yes” is rotating on the X axis.

The Y axis runs from the top of your head straight down through your neck. Shaking your head “no” is rotating on the Y axis.

The Z axis runs through your nose from the front to the back, and tilting your head “maybe” is like rotating on the Z axis.

Does this help you? If you want to learn about 3D in Illustrator from the beginning, check out the course on Pluralsight.

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