Laura’s Illustrator Classes at Pluralsight

Laura Coyle teaches Adobe Illustrator at, an Adobe-Authorized resource for software training. With a subscription to Pluralsight, you gain access to all of Laura’s Illustrator classes listed below, along with all of the other great training available (including Photoshop, InDesign and more) in the Pluralsight library.

Illustrator CC Pen Tool

A comprehensive Illustrator pen Tool class. You’ll start by learning the basics, and then the skill and difficulty of the techniques you will learn increases as the course goes forward. Along the way, learn tips and artboard methods, freeform designing, and much more. No previous experience with the pen tool is necessary to take this class.

Illustrator CC Working with 3D

Illustrator’s 3D Effects are powerful for creating isometric icons or any art with depth and dimension. This advanced course will teach you everything you need to know, with hands-on examples. 

Illustrator CC Designing Type With Graphic Styles

Learn the benefits of working with graphic styles. In this short project, you’ll master the Appearance Panel in Adobe Illustrator CC and create custom Graphic Styles for type and objects.

Illustratoring With Laura Coyle

This series of short Illustrator tutorials offer time saving tips and techniques Laura has developed over the years as a freelance Illustrator. Each video will focus on a specific technique or trick that you can quickly apply to your own work. Be sure to check back often as this course is updated regularly with new videos.

Illustrator CC Drawing & Coloring With Live Paint

Learn some of Illustrator’s most intuitive and natural artistic tools. You’ll explore these features working on an illustration by creating calligraphic brushes and using Live Paint for color. Along the way, Laura will share with you tips and tricks she’s learned over the years as a professional illustrator.

Illustrator CC Recolor Artwork

The Recolor feature of Adobe Illustrator CC allows you to apply multiple color palettes to your artwork, extending it’s versatility. In this short project, Laura Coyle shows you how to unlock the power of this tool by repurposing a piece of artwork.

Illustrator CC Web Patterns

Learn how to create pixel-perfect patterns for use on the web, using Illustrator’s intuitive pattern editing mode, introduced in version CS6. Project steps: Take one of Illustrator’s included patterns, adjust it for web use and export a single repeat unit. Test the repeat unit in an HTML file, and look at online resources for web pattern inspiration. Create a geometric motif, use it in a repeat pattern, and change color schemes using the appearance panel and blending modes. Explore Brick Repeat, Hex Repeat styles and the Tile Tool with the geometric motif. Editing Patterns: Scaling, Changing Color, Saving as a Library.

Illustrator CC Curvature Tool

This course will show you how to use new tools introduced in Illustrator CC 2014 to create artwork easier than ever before. The Curvature tool makes it very easy to create paths, and is great for new users who are frustrated with Illustrator’s Pen tool. Laura Coyle will walk you through a simple project to show you the strengths of these new tools, and how to modify and alter paths using some standby Illustrator techniques.

Adobe Brush CC and Illustrator Art Brushes

Learn to use the Adobe Brush CC app to capture textures with your mobile device and bring them into Illustrator to make custom Art Brushes. Learn about Pressure Sensitivity and the many options for editing brushes and using Art Brushes creatively in Illustrator.