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Laura Coyle has attracted a large following for the clear and concise way she teaches Adobe Illustrator. Her Illustrator classes listed below are open and available to all right here on To get the password to access the classes,  subscribe to our email list.

Take an Illustrator Class Today:

Classes cover a range of skill levels from beginning to intermediate, and vary in length from 1 to 4 hours of video lessons. You can start immediately, take them at your own pace, and each class includes PDF documentation and exercise files.

Beginning Illustrator

No experience necessary! Great for beginners and those who need a comprehensive refresh with shortcuts and methods for making art in Illustrator.

Illustrator 2

Learn about Gradients, Patterns (pre CS6), Masking and Working with images, including Live Trace/Image Trace.

Swirl Shop: Illustrator Pen Tool

Create decorative frames & swirls and learn about the Pen Tool and editing paths in Illustrator.

Illustrator Pattern Power

The Illustrator CS6 & CC pattern feature taught in-depth, specifically for pattern designers.

Automatic Patterns

Create automatically updating repeat patterns in Illustrator in pre-CS6 versions.

Holly Shop: How to Make Greeting Cards in Illustrator

Make 3 custom holiday cards, prepare them for print and build Illustrator skills.

Ink & Paint: Illustrator Brushes

Create Calligraphic Brushes in Illustrator and paint a floral design project.


These Illustrator classes were originally offered on Renee Pearson’s training site. When Renee’s site closed, we moved the classes here. This site depends on your generosity. We make these classes available on a very affordable Pay What You Wish basis.

Laura’s newest Illustrator classes are available at Check out a list of titles here.



Reviews from Laura’s Illustrator classes:

“Your teaching style is so very clear, precise, methodical, logical, organized, and most of all understandable! Some of my most favorite adjectives that I seldom am able to use when describing online classes. 

Thank you for making this such an enjoyable class, as well as one that has shared so much technique and inspiration to keep us busy for years! I am looking forward to new projects and am wishing you and your latest works well!”  

– a student from Texas

“Laura’s training videos are my new secret weapon. Upon completing her Illustrator CC Web Patterns class on Train Simple, I jumped right in and created my first seamless tile in Illustrator. (See it here:

Laura’s voice is pleasant and does not distract from the materials she presents, quite the opposite – her voice and manner enhances the learning experience, and that is important to me. The video was presented in an organized, comprehensive fashion, all steps were covered, explained and demonstrated so clearly that I learned to apply the methods to creations outside of pattern making as well.  Laura, I can’t thank you enough!”

– Crystal GillisImages Clip Art

“Your classes and way of teaching are super effective thus far. (I just finished module 1). I’ve tried learning Illustrator two other times, using two other well known online courses on separate occasions and every time, I almost gave up because I just wasn’t getting it. (I’m Photoshop heavy). 

A year and some time later I was inspired to give it one last chance and I came across your online class. Now I can’t wait to continue going through your lessons. Exactly what I needed and in a style that I can really connect with.”

– Jonathan, designer

“I really enjoy learning from you. You are organized and present everything in a step-by-step way. I had taken another Illustrator class at another site and couldn’t follow the rhyme or reason behind everything. I really like the way you teach, probably because we think alike. Thank you again!”

– a student from California

“You are very instructive and responsive. Your videos are so organized. I don’t know how you create your videos, if you plan or simply flows like your thoughts. If you think in this way, wow… how organized you are! It is simple to follow and understand. I love your tips and tricks like commands, shortcuts and how you explore the techniques.

Your videos, exercises and PDFs are so clear. You are so friendly in the chats. I really enjoy learning from you and I really recommend your classes.

I am looking forward to taking more classes from you.”

– a student from Brazil

“I really enjoyed Week 2’s (of Illustrator 2) videos and assignments. Laura covered soooo much and gave so many good examples. Everything builds on the previous lesson and at the end, I walked away being able to create my own irregular patterns. Which is huge! Thanks so much, Laura!”

– a student from North Carolina

“I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed week 1. There were lots of cool techniques in there that have boosted my confidence with working in Illustrator. I think before I had been a little frustrated as I know how to do things in Photoshop and know that I should be able to do the same or similar in Illustrator but I have not known how. So a big thank you Laura!”

– a student from England

“I also really enjoyed this class (Beginning Illustrator) even though I am not a beginner. The last 2 chapters about exporting to PSD were completely new to me and worth the whole class for me. I did learn little tips here & there and your teaching style is excellent! I will definitely take another class from you.”

– a student from California

“Today I hope to finish the Swirl Shop class and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I used to teach myself with loads of computer books, but the way you present things in the video gives me the feeling that I am learning it way more quickly”

– a student from the Netherlands