Ink & Paint: Calligraphic Illustrator Brushes

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Version: Adobe Illustrator CS4 – CC  Length: 2 hours, in 12 online video lessons. Our subscribers get immediate, free access to videos, PDF guide and files. Cost: Pay What You Wish

Learn about Calligraphic Illustrator brushes, the Paintbrush Tool, and the Blob Brush Tool. You’ll learn the settings for getting the most out of these tools with a pressure sensitive Wacom tablet. Create a set of Illustrator brushes to use for linework and coloring, then follow along as Laura guides you through a complete, fun, floral art project, complete with tracing art and a custom color palette. Get into freehand drawing in Illustrator with this complete project!

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Introduction to Ink & Paint Illustrator Brushes:

Class Outline

Lesson 1 : Introduction (8:00)

Lesson 2 : The Paintbrush Tool (6:41)

Lesson 3 : The Blob Brush (9:47)

Lesson 4 : Calligraphic Brushes, Part 1 (7:30)

Lesson 5 : Wacom Tip Feel, Part 1 (6:06)

Lesson 6 : Calligraphic Brushes, Part 2 (8:35)

Lesson 7 : Saving Brushes  (6:41)

Lesson 8 : Project Art, Part 1 (14:24)

Lesson 9 : Project Art, Part 2 (11:22)

Lesson 10 : The Eraser Tool (6:26)

Lesson 11 : Project Art, Part 3 (13:17)

Lesson 12 : Finishing Touches (9:51)

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