July 2017: Recolor Artwork Tip

It’s hot here in the ATL! That’s why I’m so glad I went on vacation with my Dad to Buffalo, NY, where my family is from, and where the weather was thankfully much cooler. We really enjoyed seeing Niagara Falls and The Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Hope you are having fun wherever you are.

I’ve also been branching out a bit from Illustrator to work on my Photoshop skills, one of my long-standing goals. I was so inspired after speaking at and attending the CreativePro conference in Atlanta, and meeting so many great digital artists and instructors. It reminded me that being around other people with enthusiasm for art and technology can be so refreshing!

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Now, on to the tips!

speedy recolor artwork

At CreativePro, there’s a session called “3 Minute Max” where instructors teach one tip as fast as they can. The tip I demonstrated was about Illustrator’s Recolor Artwork Tool.

Here’s a recap, see if you can do this in 3 minutes!

Start with a rectangle, select it and apply the “Foliage_GS” graphic style. This style was created by Von Glitschka and can be found in the Graphic Styles panel. The color palette is yellows and greens.

Load some color groups onto your Swatches panel. You can use the Libraries button at the bottom of the swatches panel to do this quickly. I chose Art History > Ancient > Egypt, etc.

Click the Recolor Artwork button at the top control bar to open Recolor Artwork, then click on the Assign tab. The color groups you loaded will appear on the right hand side of the dialog box. Click a color group to use it in recoloring the artwork.

You will see Von’s colors displayed on the left side of the dialog under “Current” and next to that, under “New”, is a column of the Egypt colors. Each of Von’s original colors has been assigned a new color from the Egypt group. Below the column of new colors are buttons that allow you to shuffle the order of colors and shuffle the saturation and brightness levels.

To save the new color combination, Click OK and you’re done!

creativepro week!

In May I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at CreativePro Week. It took place in my hometown Atlanta this year, and it was amazingly fun to be talking about Illustrator and Photoshop for a few days. You don’t know how much of a geek you really are until you get out from behind your computer and hang out, thrilled to be talking about the minutia of anchor points with some lovely people.

Above are new friends Robin Schneider, Bert Monroy and Von Glitschka. Right now I’m learning a lot from one of Bert’s Photoshop tutorials over at Lynda.com, where you can also find great training by Robin and Von too.

Above is a photo I took of Von signing his Abe Lincoln posters at CreativePro Week. He recently published a tutorial detailing how he created the artwork from a sketch that he inked in Adobe Draw on an iPad. Then, he gives a detailed demonstration of his coloring process in Adobe Illustrator. I highly recommend everyone check out this tutorial at Adobe’s Create Magazine. There are videos that go in depth within the written article, and I think they are some of the most helpful and inspiring teaching on Illustrator that you’ll find anywhere. Enjoy!

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