Helpful Keystrokes for Mac

I posted recently about the Glyphs panel, it’s a great way to find the hidden characters you need from a font. But I’ve managed to memorize a few keystrokes that have saved me time in using the symbols you can’t find directly on the keyboard. Here are two I use constantly:

 copyright symbol, ©  =  option g

bullet, • = option 8

And here are two new ones that I used recently on a job, that I’m working on memorizing:

accent, é, as in the word purée = option e + e (or the accented letter)

degrees, ° = shift option 8

When you type option e for the accent, you’ll see the accent highlighted and the next letter you type will appear under the accent. Wonderful! I was getting tired of going to Wikipedia for the words “purée” and “créme.”


  1. Hi Laura,
    I’m really using all of the shortcuts I learned in your fabulous classes!! Would you publishing a printable of all your favorite shortcuts for us Illustratoring fans? Would love to keep it next to the computer while committing them to memory 🙂

  2. Great idea! I’m updating my list now and will post as a new blog post asap. Will add link here too. Thanks! Here’s the link to my post about Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts, so you can download and print the PDF of my list.