March 2017: Welcome & Text Tips

This is our first newsletter of the year, so I want to welcome all the new subscribers who have come aboard in the last two months. We’re glad to have you here!

Laura’s news: I’m starting work on a new Illustrator course for Pluralsight this month, more details to come! And, I’m very excited that I’ll be speaking in May at Creative Pro Week in Atlanta. My session is May 22nd at the Photoshop + Illustrator conference. Please come say hi if you are at the conference!

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Now, on to the tips and tricks!!

This month’s newsletter features a tutorial on creating the shadow text shown above, using the Appearance Panel in Illustrator. Once it’s in place, the shadow will update instantly when you change fonts, so it’s fully editable. We’ll do this by making a duplicate fill in the Appearance Panel, and use a Transform Effect to Move the shadow text’s position.

For Appearance Panel aficionados, the screenshot above gives you a visual head start. If you want to follow the tutorial step by step, jump to this page in our tutorials section for all the details.

Step 1: Create a line of point type (I’m using Sneakers Script medium, found in Adobe Typekit) and open the Appearance Panel.

Step 2: Select the type by highlighting with the Type Tool. Notice in the Appearance Panel that the type object is represented by Type: No Appearance and below that, we are looking at the Characters appearance.

The selected characters have a black fill and a stroke set to none. (This is the default type appearance whenever you start typing in Illustrator.)

We’re about to get rid of the character’s appearance and change the appearance of the type object.

Step 3: Change the fill of the characters to None. The type is now invisible, but it’s still there!

Step 4: Click on the Appearance Panel at the top where it says Type: No Appearance. We’re switching over to working on the type object appearance now.

Notice when you do this, the type selection is no longer highlighted, it’s selected by the baseline (as in the image below), as if you had clicked it with the Selection Tool.

Step 5: The type object’s appearance is empty, so click on the Add New Fill button at the bottom of the Appearance Panel to add a fill.

Step 6: Click the Add New Fill button again to add a second fill. Both fills are black by default.

Step 7: Change the color of the two fills. The top fill is blue and the shadow fill is white. Because the white fill is underneath the blue fill, you can’t see it yet.

Almost there! The next step is to apply a Transform Effect to the white fill, and Move it 3 points to the left and 2 points down. To continue this tutorial, jump to this page in our tutorials section for all the details.

Check out our Automatic Patterns class to see more incredible things you can do with Transform Effect in the Appearance Panel.

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