May 2016, vol. 2: Automatic Patterns in Illustrator


In this edition of the newsletter, we’re shining the spotlight on the class Automatic Patterns. Click the link for the class page with intro video and class outline.

This class is great for users in any version of Illustrator, but it was created for Illustrator users of earlier versions who were feeling left behind by the CS6/CC Pattern Editing Mode feature, and it presents a method for creating automatically updating repeat patterns in Illustrator, without any special new features or plugins.

To start the class, jump to the vimeo class page, and use the subscriber’s password. If you are not a subscriber, just subscribe to our email list and we’ll send it to you right away!


the transform effect

This class teaches you how to apply the Transform Effect to a layer in Illustrator, in order to create a repeating pattern. Watch the above video on YouTube for a demonstration (no password necessary). This technique is useful for all Illustrator users, even if you don’t need help with repeating patterns!


floral artwork downloads

The class also features some lovely floral elements that are included in the file downloads for the class. The artwork makes it easy to start experimenting with the techniques right away, and can be a fun addition to your own patterns. Jump to the vimeo class page, and look for the link at the top of the page to download the class files.  ***Again, this class is password protected; if you are not a subscriber, just subscribe to our email list and we’ll send the password to you right away!


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