Jan/Feb 2018: Smart Objects

In this edition of the e-news, I show the highlights of my process for working with Smart Objects between Illustrator and Photoshop. The image above is screenshot from … [Read more...]

July 2017: Recolor Artwork Tip

It's hot here in the ATL! That's why I'm so glad I went on vacation with my Dad to Buffalo, NY, where my family is from, and where the weather was thankfully much cooler. We really … [Read more...]

March 2017: Welcome & Text Tips

This is our first newsletter of the year, so I want to welcome all the new subscribers who have come aboard in the last two months. We're glad to have you here! Laura's news: … [Read more...]

December 2016: holiday greetings!

The newsletter has been silent for a few months, but I'm still here and is chugging along and looking forward to 2017! I hope you all are well and enjoying the … [Read more...]

September 2016: changes ahead

Happy September! I hope everyone is doing well. This is that time of year when things are moving full speed ahead. I'll keep this edition of the newsletter short and sweet - so I … [Read more...]

June 2016: Illustrator Eraser Tool and Smooth Tool

Watch the video above for a six minute, thorough overview of the Eraser Tool in Adobe Illustrator. This is an excerpt from Laura's Ink & Paint class on illustratoring. To … [Read more...]

May 2016, vol. 2: Automatic Patterns in Illustrator

In this edition of the newsletter, we're shining the spotlight on the class Automatic Patterns. Click the link for the class page with intro video and class outline. This class … [Read more...]

May 2016: Color in Illustrator

This month's newsletter is all about color in Adobe Illustrator, and the resources you can find throughout illustratoring, to help you with creating, selecting and using … [Read more...]

February 2016: Hands On with the Pen Tool

My newest Illustrator class is live on! I’m so excited about my latest course, because this is the class I wish I’d had when I was starting out as a freelance … [Read more...]

January 2016: NYPL free downloads

On January 6th, 2016, The New York Public Library made over 187k digital items in the public domain available for high resolution download, including the image above. View this … [Read more...]