How to Show User Library in Mountain Lion

Looking for how to show the user library in Mountain Lion and Lion? See the instructions below. I recently upgraded my Mac OSX from Snow Leopard and suddenly couldn’t find the Library folder inside my User folder – yikes! If you like to save your Adobe Illustrator color swatch libraries and brush libraries, etc. you’ll want access to this folder.

This page on apple’s support site has 2 solutions: a temporary keyboard shortcut or a line of code you can add in Terminal. I took the Terminal route – it was easy and now I see the Library folder under my User in the Finder as I always have.

Launch Terminal from Spotlight, and type the following command to show the directory:

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

hit enter.

To return to the default setting of hiding the user Library directory, enter:

chflags hidden ~/Library

Now, when you want to find the folder¬†where Illustrator stores your User Defined color swatches and other libraries you’ve saved, follow this path:

User> Library> Application Support> Adobe> Adobe Illustrator CS6> en_US> Swatches (…or Brushes, Graphic Styles, etc.)

For more info, see my post on where to save your Adobe Illustrator color swatch libraries.