Surtex Preparations

In the month before Surtex, I readied myself by hanging up prints over every available wall surface at home where I could stand back and take a look. This made it a little hard to fall asleep with my artwork and the impending deadline literally looming over me, but it helped me stay on top of my progress and get some insight from Clayton. I mapped each wall out in Illustrator and used the printout to remember where everything went as we were setting up.


I kept my trusty epson 2200 printing non-stop and it impressed me with itโ€™s sturdiness and the lovely prints it churns out. Iโ€™m going to have it bronzed. One of my favorite things was printing a 13โ€ wide banner on 60 bucks worth of epson luster roll paper (never done that before) and it was a nice addition to my booth with waves and sailboats, fishing boats and a tugboat chugging along the top edge.

Update from 2012: That top border of boats that I made to travel around my booth was a sale! A couple of years later, that border design (similar) became available for purchase at Sherwin Williams!


  1. Hi Laura! Thank you for your email and directing me to these REALLY HELPFUL posts about Surtex! Will follow your links and begin a notebook for next year’s show. Appreciate the tips! ๐Ÿ™‚