Illustrator Tutorials

Smart Objects In Illustrator and Photoshop

The image above is screenshot from Photoshop of a recent CD cover project I illustrated. It gave me the opportunity to work back and forth between Photoshop and Illustrator. … [Read more...]

Editable Shadow Text in Illustrator

In this tutorial, we're going to create a shadow for text by making a duplicate fill in the Appearance Panel, and use a Transform Effect to Move the shadow text's … [Read more...]

Basics of Transparency in Illustrator

Learn the basics of working with Blending Modes and Transparency in Illustrator. This video tutorial is an excerpt from our class, Illustrator 2, and the topics we’ll cover … [Read more...]

The New Illustrator Join Tool

I'm happy to feature this guest Illustrator tutorial from Sew Heidi! In practically no time at all you'll learn to use the Illustrator Join Tool, a great new feature that is sure … [Read more...]

Area Type Illustrator Basics

This video tutorial demonstrates some Area Type basics in Illustrator. The topics we'll cover include: using the Type Tool to create a block of text, selecting type, using the … [Read more...]

Create Snowflakes in Illustrator

This fun video tutorial demonstrates how to draw snowflakes in Illustrator using strokes and the rotate tool. One of the most useful shortcuts you can learn in Illustrator is … [Read more...]

An Illustrator Diagonal Stripe Pattern Tutorial

My latest video tutorial demonstrates how to make an Illustrator diagonal stripe pattern that repeats on a grid. You'll learn to make a single repeat unit of diagonal stripes from … [Read more...]

Scaling Patterns in Illustrator

There are several ways to scale patterns in Illustrator. This post and the video tutorial below will outline some of the differences and advantages of each. Just like in … [Read more...]

Clipping Mask Illustrator Basics

This clipping mask illustrator video tutorial will show you how add a photo to your illustrator file, crop it with a clipping mask and edit the mask. A clipping mask is a shape … [Read more...]

Pattern Tiling Lines in Illustrator

The lines appearing in your repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator may just be screen tiling artifacts. Find out how to be sure, and what to do about getting rid of them when … [Read more...]