Illustrator Tutorials

Illustrator CS5 Width Tool Spirals Demo

I've posted a new Illustrator tutorial on my YouTube channel to demonstrate how to add beautiful variable width strokes to existing art in Illustrator CS5. It's an easy, versatile … [Read more...]

Illustrator Template Files

Template files can speed up your workflow in Adobe Illustrator because they allow you to start a project with your artboards, color palettes, pattern swatches and guides set up and … [Read more...]

Use the Illustrator Shape Builder Tool to Trim Paths

Trimming the excess from a row of ragged paths used to be a challenge in Illustrator. The Scissors tool is inefficient, forcing you to cut one path at a time. The eraser tool can … [Read more...]

Opacity Mask Illustrator Tutorial

Ever wonder what those two thumbnails are all about in the Transparency Panel? They're for editing an¬†Opacity Mask. With an Opacity Mask applied to an object in Illustrator, you … [Read more...]

The Spiral Tool in Illustrator

Spirals decay? I had no idea, that is until I decided to investigate further and learn about those three measurements that are crucial to creating spirals in Adobe Illustrator: the … [Read more...]

Layer Clipping Masks in Illustrator

There are three types of masking in Illustrator, Clipping Masks, Layer Clipping Masks and Opacity Masks, and each one offers a powerful way of cropping and editing your art in … [Read more...]

Illustrator Draw Inside Tutorial

In this tutorial you can practice with the Illustrator Draw Inside mode while jazzing up a typeface.¬†Illustrator CS5 offers a new feature that is perfect for decorating letters … [Read more...]

Using the Perspective Grid in Illustrator CS5

I recently worked on an illustration for Auburn Magazine that gave me the perfect opportunity to try out Adobe Illustrator CS5's new perspective grid feature. You can see in this … [Read more...]